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Egypt now has a stronger need for English language instruction than ever. With the importance of English, not only as the lingua franca but also among Egyptians for educational and business purposes with other non-Arabic speaking countries, there is a rapidly growing demand for English.

OEA Egypt aims to create a chain reaction that starts with us, we will act as the first spark in turning today‘s children into tomorrow’s amazing adults, we look to cultivate thinking skills, problem-solving skills, individuality and tolerance. We want our kids to be looked upon with awe at how developed, independent and confident they are. We will help them explore art, science and everyday social skills to be the best that they can be because geniuses and leaders are made not born.

OEA Egypt opened in July 2016 and is expanding fast! We already have 2 major sites and others are on the way, our clients have the utmost faith in us due to our respect and dedication in doing the job right!

Our Heliopolis branch is in a prestigious area in the lovely neighbourhood of Heliopolis, it was built in 1907. The new city represented the first large-scale attempt to promote its own architecture, known now as the Heliopolis style. It was designed as a “city of luxury and leisure”, with broad avenues and beautiful buildings.

Our second branch is in the lovely neighbourhood of Maadi, Maadi is an affluent, leafy suburban district south of Cairo, Egypt, on the east bank of the Nile. The district is popular with many international expatriates as well as Egyptians and is home to a large number of embassies, as well as major international schools, sporting clubs, and cultural institutions.


For more information about our Egypt office please visit the following website.

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A lot of teachers talk about “21st-century skills” and “The 4 Cs”, but what are they, and why are they important? We will not just teach our children, we will turn them into thinkers of the future!

In order to do this, we have to treat our kids like equals, we treat them like intelligent, individual human beings who will rule the future, not just children who will know better when they grow up!

We have the Juniors Stage which is 3 amazing interactive story-based levels that help kids get immersed in the language and learn via fun, interactive activities rather than memorization and endless sheets of homework.

Our Seniors Stage which is 13 levels of intense character and language building, we depend on these levels on working on the children’s personalities along with their language. We teach them how to communicate, collaborate, work in a team and build their self-confidence.

All of our levels have a unique methodology which combines a native-speaker approach to inquiry-based learning with a controlled grammar and skills syllabus.

For more information visit us at the following site.

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Oxford English Academy launched in Egypt in 2016 in Cairo, the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Middle East. We aim to serve all our customers as they are our number one and second to none!

In order to reach all of our customers, we are spreading in all of the important and highly populated areas in Cairo and Giza.

Our locations so far are:

Heliopolis branch: 2 Abdel Aziz Fahmy st. with Mohammed Farid st., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

Maadi branch: Building 48, street 104, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

We will also celebrate shortly the opening of:

Mohandeseen branch: Coming Soon.

5th Settlement branch: Coming Soon.

6th of October branch: Coming Soon.

For more information please visit the following website.

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