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OEA Misurata


We have been in the English language teaching industry for nearly a decade and we pride ourselves in offering top-class tuition to people from all over the world. It is our goal to empower people by giving them the opportunity to improve their English, in their own country. In Libya, we have a school in Tripoli and a school in Misurata. In a country where the desire and need to learn English is strong, we provide students with the opportunity to learn British English with qualified native English speaking teachers in a professional environment.

Our Teachers

Teachers are the most important partners along with a student’s English-learning journey so we only employ the best. All our teachers are qualified, experienced and native English speakers. 

Our Classes

In order to ensure maximum interaction between teachers and students, we keep our classes to a maximum of 15 students.

Our Facilities

Our schools have

  • Free WiFi and Internet
  • An audiovisual room
  • 10 Classrooms
  • A student lounge
  • A computer lab

Study Abroad

We can offer students the opportunity to complete their English language studies or even to study at a university in an English-speaking country. Once students have reached the B2 level, they have the chance to study in the United Kingdom or South Africa. We will assist with the whole process from applying for visas to finding convenient accommodation to finally being dropped off at the airport at the end of their studies.

Oxford English Academy Misurata

Road No 4 branching from the 3rd Ring Road (Ruwaisat) Misurata Libya

Tel Number(s): 091 989 5712 / 092 890 7786



General English

This is our most popular course. We have 6 levels running from A1 (Starter) to C2 (Advanced). Our classes are small and personalised with the maximum number of students per class being 12. Students use New Headway 4th Edition course book from Oxford University Press and supplementary materials to focus on skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) and appropriate use of language (grammar and vocabulary). The aim of these classes is to improve overall competence in all language skills and areas.

Business English & English for Specific Purpose (ESP)

English is the global business language of today’s world and a good knowledge of English is the key to improving your career options. We teach business English through everyday business situations such as making telephonic conversations, giving presentations, writing emails and formal letters, conducting meetings, making travel arrangements and negotiating. We make use of a number of resources from Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Pearson Longman in order to equip students with the appropriate language to use. They gain confidence by using these tools and by communicating with their peers. We also offer a wide range of materials for specific industries such as engineering, medicine, oil and gas, finance and hospitality. Students have the opportunity to work with materials and real case studies that are relevant to their particular fields.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are individual classes which offer rapid improvement in problem areas. Students are able to decide what they want to concentrate on with their teacher. This is the most flexible option for learning English.

IELTS, TOEFL & TOEIC Exam Preparation

When students reach B2 they will be at the right level to take a standardised exam preparation course. Our courses prepare students for a number of popular exams that are recognised by institutions and organisations worldwide. They combine general English with exam preparation thereby improving the overall language proficiency of the student while at the same time exposing them to each specific exam. We use Cambridge University Press materials that help with specific parts of each exam and also give constant exam practice. Students will receive exam tips and techniques and will be able to do mock exams under exam conditions in preparation.

Cambridge Exam Preparation – FCE, CAE, CPE

Students at the B2 level and above also have the choice of taking a Cambridge exam preparation course. Courses run for 12 weeks and require that students commit to 25 hours a week. Students will be thoroughly prepared for each part of the exam with ample exam practice and concentration on difficult skills required. Courses run three times a year in January, March and September.





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