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META region partners in Cape Town.

Oxford English Academy announces the establishment of Oxford English Academy META Region

Oxford, United Kingdom – Oxford English Academy head office is happy to announce the establishment of the Oxford English Academy META Region. This region includes the Middle East, Turkey and Africa and is headed up by Charlotte Jones. Jones assumes responsibility for opening schools under the Oxford English Academy name by becoming the organisation’s representative in the region.

Charlotte Jones is a former Director of Studies who now runs a language school in Cape Town, South Africa. In her team, she has Abu-Bakr Jacobs as director of Operations and Finance and Murshid Davids, who is in charge of New Business Development in North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East. Combining their academic, marketing, franchising, human resources, operational and political experience, they are set to successfully open a number of schools in their region.

The first schools under the META banner will be opened in Tripoli and Misurata in Libya in September 2013. Following shortly after this there will be schools opening in Angola, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. With their plans for rapid expansion, Oxford English Academy META region will boost the visibility of the Oxford English Academy brand worldwide.

OEA is not part of the University of Oxford