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New OEA partners in Kunming, China.

Kunming English Speaking School (KESS) is proud to announce a partnership with Oxford English Academy (OEA) based in Oxford, England.

KESS school has now been operating in Kunming since 2008. Many of our students have benefited from attending the school over a 6 year period. Some learners are now studying abroad in Universities in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other countries in Europe. Others are working, whilst some have emigrated to various parts of the globe. Younger learners have had success in gaining awards for their English speaking talent, setting a fine example for all the learners attending the school that is improving, and becoming more confident in their efforts all the time. It has always been the aim of KESS to improve its services in the best way possible through getting feedback from parents, teachers, students, and from friends and professionals in the education industry. In order to make further progress, KESS has partnered with OEA adding experience and expertise not only from England but from the entire OEA network.

Established in Oxford in the UK, OEA has schools in Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Libya, Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Through extensive research and knowledge gained from teaching in China, it is now our objective to stay ahead of the competition in the market by taking early advantage of the shift away from the conventional EFL model through the regular sharing of knowledge in the industry with our international partners. By cooperating with OEA in the UK, the school will be able to improve the learning environment and teaching method for existing students whilst at the same time welcoming new students. All students receive certification upon completion of each course to verify their level of achievement.

KESS in partnership with Oxford English Academy (OEA) is strengthening its “Bridge to the World” and we continue to wish all of our students continued success in their efforts and planning for the future.

OEA is not part of the University of Oxford