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News from OEA Kunming April 2015

Our students

Letter of invitation from Hong Kong University sent to a High School student (IELTS band 6.5)

Letter of invitation from University of London to a high school student (IELTS band 7)

Letter of invitation from Monash University in Australia to a University student (IELTS band 7.5) and accepted.

A student of 16 years of age achieved a band 6 in IELTS at her first attempt. Well done!

More IELTS success stories pending…

CATS College Cambridge Visit on April 21st

Recently, China is seeing an increase in younger students going overseas to study. There is even interest from parents to get their kids into Secondary schools to study GCSE and A levels. Due to this, students as young as 12 can start to consider taking their English classes more seriously in order to have sufficient language skills when they study in the UK or elsewhere abroad. Whereas before OEA in Kunming focused its study abroad programs and training to students at the high school level, it is now starting to discuss opportunities for study abroad with students as young as 10.

On the 21st of April, the Cambridge school Principal came to OEA to present his school to prospective students considering study abroad. Through CATS Colleges, graduating students have a much higher chance rate of gaining entry into the top UK Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.

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CATS College is part of the Cambridge Education Group and has schools in Cambridge, Canterbury, London and Boston (U.S.A).


Jian Chan and Liu Miao are 2 doctors that have just returned from Liberia in Africa to help out with the Ebola crisis. They have just completed their quarantine period and have the all clear! OEA has been preparing them with speaking skills prior to their departure.


Each month we send Birthday Wishes to all young learners with birthdays that month.

Best Wishes April Kids!

OEA has teamed up with 2 local organizations in Kunming and Cambridge University to offer Professionals in any industry an opportunity to go to the Moller Centre in Cambridge for an educational course with some of the world’s leading industry experts and professors.

The program includes lectures, team building exercises, live projects and company and cultural visits. This is also an opportunity for Chinese businesses to forge international business relationships where personal tuition, private tours and consultations with some of the UK’s most influential business people are available.markpic4


OEA is not part of the University of Oxford