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OEA Adana / Diem English Globe – Sponsorship.

OEA Adana / Diem English Globe is not just an ordinary Language School based only on classroom training. Since founding, it has always been interested in social and community events in the area.

The latest social support given by us is on the sports-field.

“Botaşspor” which proudly represents Adana in the Girls Basketball League in Turkey, as well as in the Fiba Euro Cup;  have made a sponsorship agreement with OEA Adana / Diem English Globe.

We have been offering Turkish players of this successful team English Language training as well as providing American and Russian players with the opportunity to improve their Turkish and become fluent in the Turkish Language.

This sponsorship agreement has brought two important organisations to the region. We will continue to support the basketball community.

OEA is not part of the University of Oxford