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OEA Benghazi – picking up the pace in Libya!

Prior to the revolution, Oxford English Academy had blossomed, and become one of the most popular places to study English in Benghazi, but closed temporarily due to safety concerns for our students and staff.  We reopened despite several problems resulting from the upheaval.

Firstly, there was a shortfall in the availability of books, which were difficult to purchase due to lack of liquidity.  The restricted cash flow meant that some families could not afford to pay student fees,  resulting in smaller classes.  In addition to this, there were frequent power cuts and very poor internet connections.

The overriding concern, however, was that of safety. Parents were understandably reluctant to place their children in harms’ way. The first few weeks revealed a change in the demeanour of both students and teachers alike. Some were on edge due to the trauma of the troubles.

However, we at OEA Benghazi are pressing on, and gradually overcoming these problems.  The pace is picking up, and we are well situated to lead in English language training due to our insistence on quality.

OEA Benghazi has been officially recognised by the Save the Children Organisation for its efforts during the Libyan upheaval.

OEA is not part of the University of Oxford